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Anonymous said...


this site is sooo kool!!!!

really! and the skin of Ruk is realy kool as well

anyway, just thought i'd give you my thoughts on your Gaze page

daisuki desu!!

Anastasia said...

I like this site! it's very very cool! *two thumbs up*
you know, I am still waiting for Kai's wallpaper. love him so much!

doumou arigatou... ^^v

Michaela said...


I love the site's layout, the fond you are using, the lyrics and the information on the biography section are really usefull!!! I just think you could add some pics maybe and update the discography section, i.e. the single "Before I Decay" is missing...

P.S. I'm pointing some things out just to make this site even better, I hope you are not offended!!!

Sayonara from Greece!

blackness_14 said...

how can i follow u????? this is da best blog ever!!!!! XD

Anonymous said...

love them, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I love the site, interesting and I found out some new things about the GazettE members. Love the picture of Ruki and can't wait for a wallpaper of Uru-chan and Reita! Love you guys!


Yuki said...

wow,this site is intresting.i find out new thing about the GazettE member that i can't find in another site.
this is the most intresting site ever

Anonymous said...

Hi! I loved the site is awesome!

I have a question! Could you tell me from which interview is the info about Uruha? Like what the other members said about him...?


antasia-abelard12.tumblr.com said...

Ruki is soooooooooo sexy! I Love him so much! Anyway awesome site! *two thumbs up plus feet*

Harry Pope said...

this blog is SOOOOOOOOO awesome!!!

The Gazette is and always will be the best!

We rock XD