-> Profile
Real Name: Takashima Kouyou
Part: Guitar
Date Birth: 9th June 1981
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Kanagawa prefecture (Shounan district)
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 162 kg
Foot Size: 27.5 cm
Ring Size: 19 cm
Family: Father, mother, 2 older sisters, 2 nephews
Piercings: 4 on the right ear, 5 on the left ear
Tobacco: Marlboro Menthol Light, Maremen Light, PIANISSIMO (This year he tried to stope smoking, but he failed.)
First Copied Song: Luna Sea - In My Dream
Liked Type: Gentle, grown-up person
Disliked Type: Someone with a bad personality
Strong Point: Pace
Weak Point: Pace
Likes: Drinking champagne, cutting movies
Message: "Whatever happens, don't give up on your dream! Be strong that no one can control you!"
Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

-> Others:
- Uruha likes alcohol. Too likes.
- He likes teasing Kai.
- For his free time he likes to stay at home and cut video clips at his PC.
- Uruha has older sister whom he has not good relationships with.
- In high school he was the one who likes visual kei.
- He often thinks about death. Too often.
- Uruha and Rita have been friends for more than 15 years.

-> About Uruha by other members:

What is your first impression of Uruha?
- Ruki: His face looked gentle, but I though he was a big brother of heavy metal.
- Kai: It was just the first impression anyway. I thought he was lack of personality charm.
- All: (laughter)
- Kai: Actually, I thought he was a supporting technician and Aoi was the solo guitarist.
- Reita: I have known him for a long time. We met each other at the suburb soccer club. My first impression of him is just “what a blushing”. (laugh)
- Aoi: I first met Uruha among the other members. I was waiting him at my friend’s home and I heard the door opened. When I turned around I saw a heavy metal guy standing there. That’s my first impression.

Uruha’s expression: What’s that?! You guys! (grumbling himself)

What are Uruha’s strong and weak points?
- Ruki: The good point is that he acts like a big brother, and that’s what he so-called himself as well. (laugh) And he is gentle too. The weak point is that he forgets what he said very soon. I hope he can take the responsibility of his own words.
- Reita: What is this? Stand on yourself!
- Ruki: But Uruha is looking here through the sunglasses. (smirk)
- Kai: He is someone very passionate with music. When it’s just the two of us, “I am just like this! I think on that way!”, he will speak of himself seriously. “Do like this! Should do like that!” It’s good to always be the pioneer.

And the weak point is……
- Reita: Kai kun, be tough! What are you afraid of? [Uruha seems terrified to the others…]
- Kai: Okay, I’ll try my best. (sweat) It’s awful that he is stubborn and will not change his idea.
- Ruki: God! You said it loud. (laugh)
- Reita: Good point is, don’t judge by his appearance, he is actually a hardworking person. About the weak point, didn’t he said I am too talkative and don’t listen to him at all in my interview? But he is also just talking of himself all the time.
- Ruki: Oh, no. We are now turning into a malicious talk.
- Aoi: The good point is he can talk a lot with me about music without hesitation. And the bad point is just like the others said, he is a little impetuous. And I like to drink slowly, but Uruha get drunk very soon and go teasing people.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Uruha?
- Ruki: He is a nice person indeed. But why must he dug out things from ages to speak of? And everytime I go to his home, he will make me watch our first live video.
- All: (laugh)
- Ruki: It really made my stomach twist by watching that, so I told him everytime that I don’t want to watch that. But then he would have that brilliant big smile on his face, and I felt so melancholy. I hope he can throw that away.

It can be done by giving it to the manager?
- Ruki: That’s also…disturbing…It’d be the best to let me keep it.
- Kai: I hope he can have more interest in me. No matter what I talked to him, I found his face was just emotionless. It would be fine to tell me “It’s boring” if he felt like that, but he had no reaction at all.
- Reita: Ahh! I am so sorry for that. How come Uruha has no interest in Kai? I am sorry if he said something bad, Kai kun. I will talk about this with him.
- Kai: I will count on you then
- Reita: May be Uruha is too self-paced. And it takes him so long in the shower, it takes long time to dry his hair, long, long, long, why is everything takes him so long?
- All: (nodding)
- Aoi: Uruha and Kai were playing games beside me when I was writing songs. Actually it doesn’t matter that they were playing games. But Uruha would keep talking about the games with Kai kun when I was working seriously beside. That’s really distracting so please stop doing that.
- Reita: And you (Kai) too!.
- Kai: Err, I am sorry. (sweat)

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Ruki: The question is asked through the editor, right. Sure, what are you scared of? (smile)

Uruha’s expression: (Taking off the sunglasses and staring at the members)

- Ruki: Uruha always acts like he is usual, especially to me and Reita, like we are some wired people. He said his style is “street casual”. And sometimes ago we are on the street in Shibuya, there is a villain said, “Hair! Long.” I want to know what did Uruha think at that time. And where does his moral of “big brother” come form?
- Uruha: Isn’t that good? (get serious suddenly)
- Ruki: Well, if he think so. I am just curious of that.
- Kai: Uruha is too self-confident. He once said himself looks like imai tsubasa or takizawa kun. I want to know what does it make he think he looks like them?
- Uruha: Kai doesn’t understand me much. What is the problem to look like them? My sister said my hair style looks like takki before, and I was really happy about that.
- Kai: Ah, I got it then, you mean hair style. I can understand that. My question is cleared, next please. (smile)
- Reita: Mine is similar to Ruki’s. In winter, I wore my favorite jacket which I brought earlier, but Uruha didn’t want to walk with me on the street. It’s liked he thought himself is the usual one and looked at me like some weirdo. Didn’t he want to go out with me for just a while?
- Uruha: But that’s a jacket with a green skull! Can I really walk with him?
- Reita: That’s why I took it off.
- Ruki: didn’t you still wore it before?
- Reita: Not this winter. I want to say something here. Please don’t pick on other people’s wearing.
- Uruha: I got it. I won’t say that anymore.
- Aoi: I want to know why Uruha likes to occupy the bed everytime when he stay overnight at people’s home?
- Uruha: Because human beings are meant to sleep on the bed.
- Aoi: Why does the owner of the bed has to sleep under the bed?
- Uruha: I think the owner has his right over his property. The owner also has the right to tell me not to sleep on the bed when he doesn’t want me to. What is the problem of sleeping on the bed if you don’t tell me?
- Aoi:…………Ok…I got it.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Ruki: Scrupulous. He has high tension when everybody is around.[Japanese refer “tension” as vitality rather than nervousness.] If he says I am chiyu-kei[Type of person that can comfort the others, their existence can make the other feel relax.], then I am going to roll on his bed for him. (laugh) And please bring me to somewhere fun more often like the old times.
- Kai: No matter we are all there or it’s just the two of us, he is indomitable all the time. Both Uruha and me like playing games, he won’t stop until he finally win. And he won’t admit it if I win.
- All: (laugh)
- Reita: Uruha is the only one that can talk world affair with me, that’s the topic that the others won’t talk about. We talked about the war ardently some times before, and it changes into a malicious talk of the other members.
- Ruki: Really?
- Aoi: What’s that about?
- Kai: Just as expected…… (sweat)
- Reita: That’s right. So you guys would better put a bug on us! The atmosphere is embarrassed. (smile)
- Reita: Okay, okay. Of course we wouldn’t say something like that, we love you guys so much.
- Aoi: Well, Anyway. When it’s just me and Uruha……
- Ruki: There wasn’t times of just two of you right?
- Aoi: Yeah (smirk). It’s only when we two practicing guitar. His eyes was so sparkling at that time.

What makes you feel cool of Uruha recently?
- Ruki: He has been more attractive……

Hum? No more illustration?
- Ruki: Because he looked terrified staring at me(sweat)
- Kai: He started calling me recently. He wouldn’t call me at all even about matters of the band before. But I saw more of his name on my call-in list currently, I am quite glad of that.
- Reita: He will get mad at the pedestrians when he is driving, I hope he can stop behaving like that. That’s not something cool at all. (smile)
- Aoi: I always think he is stiff by observation. But he became more attractive and desirable on stage now. I won’t give in to him.

At last, please say a sentence to Uruha.
- All: We love you.
- Reita: We talked a lot of this and that, but those are all comments of love.
- Ruki: We wouldn’t have said that much if we don’t love him indeed.
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